Welcome to TV's M*A*S*H - the Ultimate Guide Book

After more than 6 years, Ed Solomonson & Mark O'Neill have completed the most comprehensive book ever written for TV's M*A*S*H, and are happy to announce its release. 828 pages highlighted with background information and an episode guide covering all 255 episodes plus the 2 1/2 finale, this promises to be the definitive word on the subject. Producers, writers, cast members and guest stars, over 45 M*A*S*H alumni granted brand new interviews and offered commentary on nearly every episode. For the first time, William Self, the President of 20th Century Fox Television when M*A*S*H first aired, tells the story of how it all began. Larry Gelbart graciously and generously, not only wrote the foreword, but also wrote brand-new M*A*S*H dialog specifically for this book, adding to his voluminous commentary on many of the episodes he wrote, produced or was connected with during his four-year run on M*A*S*H.  An astounding amount of information, nearly all of it never before published. From cast members to writers, guest stars to a stunt man and technical adviser for the "Father Mulcahy" character, Ed Solomonson & Mark O'Neill "took no prisoners" in their quest for as much new information as they were able to harness, and its all here. Information on the Camp, opening theme song and how it varied through the years, production codes, movies, songs and the infamous M*A*S*H time line are covered in detail, as is the show's ratings, awards, even the M*A*S*H time slot on CBS. Season Summaries cover, in detail, how M*A*S*H changed through the years and offer insight as to how this unique show managed to stay on top.  No other book ever written about M*A*S*H contains the staggering amount of detail this one does. For a complete list of those who granted interviews and offered commentary, please go to the "Contributors" page by clicking the link above.